Video FA1823 – Play Discussion – Game Control

On this play, a technical foul is called against the Coach Team White as a result of unsportsmanlike conduct by his Assistant Coach.
After the free-thrown, during the throw-in, a double foul is called against Red-5 and White-8.

The referees are responsible for keeping the game under control, calming down players and trying to keep the game clean and uninterrupted as much as possible.

Analyze these situations:

Consider this:

FIBA has one golden rule when it comes to prioritizing for referees training for FIBA games – GAME CONTROL. The Officials must be in charge of the game. They define what is allowed and what isn’t – nobody else.

A Referee is said to be in control of a game when the game is operating smoothly under the rules as intended and, as well as, the rules of sportsmanship being rigidly but fairly enforced.

Bench Control: referees ensuring that the players and coaches sitting on the bench do not violate the rules of sportsmanship.

Fake is any action by a player (defense or offense) to pretend being fouled or to make theatrical exaggerated movements in order to create an appearance of being fouled and therefore gaining an unfair advantage.

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