Video FA1809 – Unsportsmanlike Foul

On this play, an Unsportsmanlike Foul is called against Black-11.
The defensive player (Black-11) stops the offensive player (Yellow-9) with a grab forcing the game to stop in transition.
This is an example of an Unsportsmanlike Foul for impeding progress during a transition play. A defensive player may not dislodge, re-route, or impede an offensive player’s progress through a contact unnecessary and no legitimate attempt to play the ball, caused in order to stop the transition of the offensive team.

Consider this:
Art. 37 Unsportsmanlike Foul
37.1.1. An unsportsmanlike foul is a player contact foul which, in the judgement of an official is:
 An unnecessary contact caused by the defensive player in order to stop the progress of the offensive team in transition.
This applies until the offensive player begins his act of shooting.

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