Video FA1763 – Defensive Foul for Blocking

This game clip has been published for educational purpose only.
On this play, the defensive player (Red-7) commits a blocking foul.

White-5 receives a “kick out pass” on the perimeter and begins a drive to the basket. Red-7, in an attempt to ‘draw’ an offensive foul on White-5, is moving towards White-5 when contact occurs between the two players. Red-7 initiates the contact, causing both players fall to the floor.

Red-7 does not establish a legal guarding position in the path of the White-5. Moreover, Red-7 does not beat the offensive player to the spot and the contact is made from the side. This is a defensive foul for blocking.

Consider this:

The defender is permitted to establish his legal guarding position in the path of a dribbler, thus “beating him to the spot.” To get into a legal position, the defender needs to establish himself in the path of the offensive player before contact is made.

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