Video FA1762 – Discussion: Game Control

This game clip has been published for educational purpose only.
On this play, the officials call a personal foul against white-15.


A referee is said to be in control of a game when the game is operating smoothly under the rules as intended and, as well as, the rules of sportsmanship being rigidly but fairly enforced.

Game Control:

■ Keep the game clean and safe.

■ It’s very important that the officials act quickly and make the call right away to keep the game in control.


a) Put emphasis in: Primary Area Responsibility

■ Who is responsible to see this foul? 

    ■ What are the referees seeing on this play?

■ It is important: off-ball Officiating. 

   ■ Did the contact created displace the opponent? Did the contact created hinder the freedom of movement of the opponent?

■ Rotation: “Look for reasons to rotate”.

   ■ Is it important the rotation on this play?

b) Game Control and Problem Solving

■ What is the best decision for the game?

■ Keep effective communication with your partners, table officials / commissioner, MAINLY, with Coaches and Players.

    ■ Teamwork: Crew communication during the contest is essential to a well-officiated game.

    ■ Reporting Fouls: clear – concise – no doubt.

Keep calm and do not lose the self-control.
Use your experience.
Use the common sense.

c) Reaction Time and Decision Making.

■ Reaction time shows how quickly and effectively a referee can make decisions.

Question: when did the referees make the decision?

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