Feeling the Game – 2014 FIBA World Cup – Game: Serbia vs. Spain

The following game clips have been published for educational purpose only.


To read the game as a referee, you must be one step ahead of play, anticipating the next move of the phase of play before it happens. This gives you more reaction time for you to become pro-active rather than re-active to situations that may occur. (Reading the Game – A Referee’s Perspective By Keith Hill)

Feeling for the game

Understanding of the game, consistency, no‐calls, preventive officiating, advantage/disadvantage. Avoid problems, reading the game.

2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup
Game: Serbia 73 vs. Spain 89

Video 1: First Period – 7:37

The Official calls an offensive foul against White-11.

Reading more here: Video FAR1745

Video 2: First Period – 6:42

On this play, White-13 shoots for a field goal. The ball enters the basket and a Double Foul is called against White-10 and Red-5.
The game is resumed with a throw-in to team Red.

Video 3: First Period – 5:13

On this play, White-9 commits an offensive foul for an illegal screen, set in a dribble handoff situation.
All players setting screens must give their moving opponents the opportunity to stop and/or change direction. Following the pass to his teammate, the offensive player continues moving into the path of the defender, without giving him the opportunity to stop and/or change direction.

Video 4: First Period – 2:47

On this play, the official calls an offensive foul against White-13.
After, the official calls a technical foul against white-4.

Video 5: Second Period – 4:22

On this play, Red-13 commits an offensive foul.
Red-13 dislodges White-13 who had obtained a legal guarding position.
Offensive players may not use their bodies to illegal dislodge their legal opponents.

Video 6: Third Period – 3:55

On this play, the official calls a personal foul against White-7.

Video 7: Fourth Period – 2:48

On this play, a technical foul called against coach Team White.

Video 8: Fourth Period – 2:19

On this play, a Technical Foul is called against RED-11.

Video 9: Fourth Period – 0:52

On this play, an offensive foul called against red-10.
after the foul, technical fouls are called against Coach team White and Coach team red for behavior towards each other.
The game is resumed with a throw-in to team White.

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