Video FA1740 – You Make the Call

This game clip has been published for educational purpose only.

On this play, an offensive foul is called against Blue-9. After the foul, a Technical Foul is called against Blue-9.

The offensive foul called against Blue-9 is an incorrect decision.

This is a good example where a player (White-13) falls down to fake a foul in order to create an unfair advantage by having a foul called unjustly on an opponent (Blue-9).

Excessive Faking Action by White-13.

Read more about this theme here.

In this play situation, a good decision could be:

Do not stop the game (the basket made by Blue-11 counts). In the next interruption of the game clock, the referee should communicate the warning to White-13 and his coach.


About Mechanics:

Lead Official has a good position to evaluate this play.

⇒ Focus on: Referee the defense (Legal guarding position) and Fake a Foul Action.

Do not forget this sentence: Trust your Partner.

The Center Official shouldn’t call the offensive foul against Blue-9. It was an incorrect decision.

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