Video FA1734 – Correctable Errors

This game clip has been published for educational purpose only.

On this video, Blue-10 commits a personal foul against White-4 and this is team Blue’s 4th team foul. The Official commits an error by awarding to White-4 two (2) free throws. Following the successful first free throw, the error is discovered.

The free throw made is cancelled and the game is resumed with a throw-in for Team White at the place nearest where the foul happened.

FIBA Rules 2014 – Art. 44 Correctable Errors

Officials may correct an error if a rule is inadvertently disregarded.

→  Example: Awarding an unmerited free throw(s).

To be correctable the error must be recognized by the officials, table officials or commissioner, if present, before the ball becomes live following the first dead ball After the game clock has started following the error.

Officials must pay attention: Team Fouls.

→  Concentration →  To Be In Charge

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