Training and Educational Videos: January and February 2017

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YES or NO?

Rio 2016

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Block & Charge Calls


Type of Fouls Type of Fouls Block & Charge Calls Block & Charge Calls Type of Fouls

 Training and Educational Videos

FA1732 FA1731
FA1730 FA1729 FA1728 FA1727 FA1726
FA1725 FA1724 FA1723 FA1722 FA1721
FA1720 FA1719 FA1718 FA1717 FA1716
FA1715 FA1714 FA1713 FA1712 FAR1706FA1711
FAR1709FA1710 FAR1709FA1709 FAR1708FA1708 FAR1707FA1707 FAR1706FA1706
FAR1705FA1705 FAR1704FA1704 FAR1703FA1703 FAR1702FA1702 FAR1701FA1701

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2 thoughts on “Training and Educational Videos: January and February 2017

  1. I’m not sure wether you’re asking a question or giving an answer with the “yes or no” video 1. It is not a violation with today’s rules. No team has possession, so nobody can commit a back-court violation.


    1. Hello, Giorgio. Thank you for your participation.
      This video is a question: YES or NO?
      The text has affirmative sentences. Example: “This is a Violation”.
      Reading your message, about the Video FA – Question 01, your decision is NO. Your answer is correct.
      Your argument is correct.
      Giorgio, consider this: FIBA Rules 2014 – Art. 30.1.2. (…) However, it does not apply to a player who jumps from his frontcourt, establishes new team control while still airborne and then lands with the ball in his team’s backcourt.
      Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.
      Take care,


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