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Block & Charge Calls Block & Charge Calls Type of Fouls
FA1725 FA1724 FA1723 FA1722 FA1721
FAR1720FA1720 FAR1719FA1719 FAR1718FA1718 FAR1717FA1717 FAR1716FA1716
FAR1706FA1715 FAR1706FA1714 FAR1706FA1713 FAR1706FA1712 FAR1706FA1711
FAR1709FA1710 FAR1709FA1709 FAR1708FA1708 FAR1707FA1707 FAR1706FA1706
FAR1705FA1705 FAR1704FA1704 FAR1703FA1703 FAR1702FA1702 FAR1701FA1701

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