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This game clip has been published for educational purpose only.

On this play, White-6 commits an Unsportsmanlike Foul on Green-12 while Green-10 is dribbling. After the foul, Technical Fouls are committed by Green-12 and White-6.

Decision: The game resumes with two (2) free throws for Green-12 and possession of the ball for team Green.

Consider this:

 Only equal penalties shall be cancelled in the order in which they occur. Therefore the penalties for the players’ technical fouls shall be cancelled.

⇒    2014 FIBA Official Basketball Rules – Art. 42 Special Situations



⇒  Remember:

  • An unsportsmanlike foul against a player shall be indicated by entering a ‘U’
  • Any foul involving a free throw(s) shall be indicated by adding the corresponding number of free throws (1, 2 or 3) beside the ‘P’, ‘T’, ‘C’, ‘B’, ‘U’ or ‘D’.
  • All fouls against both teams involving penalties of the same severity and cancelled according to Art. 42 shall be indicated by adding a small ‘c’ beside the ‘P’, ‘T’, ‘C’, ‘B’, ‘U’ or ‘D’.

⇒  Play Discussion

About the decisions:

  • Unsportsmanlike Foul called against White-6: acceptable decision.
  • Technical Fouls called against Green-12 and White-6: acceptable decision.
  • After the Unsportsmanlike Foul called (Period 2 – 4:28), during the dead ball, good game control by the referees.

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Cause and Effect – Action and Reaction.

Do not permit that ants become elephants.

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