Video FA1713 – Game Control – Unsportsmanlike Foul and Technical Foul

This game clip has been published for educational purpose only.

On this play, RED-7 commits an unsportsmanlike foul against BLUE/WHITE-24.

  • Correct Decision.
    • Criteria: “Not a legitimate attempt to directly play the ball within the spirit and intent of the rules”.
  • RED-7 commits his 5th personal foul.

During the Dead Ball, RED-7 kicks an advertising board.

  • The Official calls a Technical Foul against the Team Red Coach, recorded as “B”, for the unsportsmanlike conduct by RED-7. Correct Decision.

Technical Foul: Unsportsmanlike conduct (Kick an advertising board).

Good Decision for the Game/Championship.

Good Message: This action is not acceptable in Basketball Games.

Consider this:

PDF   FIBA Rules – Art. 40 – 5 fouls by a player
40.2. A foul by a player who has previously committed 5 fouls is considered as an excluded player’s foul and it is charged and entered on the scoresheet against the coach (‘B’).

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